Harouge – Libya

Harouge is the largest concentration of volcanic mountains in North Africa with an area of 45,000 square kilometres. It is located in central Libya, north of the Wadi al-Hayat region, and the southern edges of the Qattara Depression. It has 150 volcanoes. The Harouge Mountains are divided into two regions. The first region is located in the north, which is the Black Harouge, which are volcanic mountains that cover most of the region and contain black basaltic lava. There are lakes on its dormant peaks, in addition to plant and animal life. The second area, Al Harouge Al Abyad, is located at the southern end and consists geologically of white limestone rocks, with a maximum height of 1200 meters.

Among the most famous volcanoes of the region: the volcanoes of the Qara Khalafallah region, the volcano of Umm al-Dahi, the volcano of the good name, the volcano of Fayed, the volcanoes of the Sabaa region, the volcano of Umm al-Gharaniq, the volcano of Safra, the volcano of the castles and the volcano of Bounaim.

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